Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My 1st online Lush purchase

The Lush USA site had a promotion were if you bought a holiday item, you get two for free. This promotion went quickly and they barely had anything left. Randomly, I checked the site again and they had added a few more items.

Items I paid for:
  • Secret Santa gift set (includes Satsumo Santa bath bomb and the star shaped Snowcake soap) $9.95
  • 2 Cinders bath bomb $3.95
  • Green Green bath of foam bubble bar $5.95
Free items:
  • 2 Secret Santa gift sets
  • 2 lil lush pud bath bombs
  • 2 Frothy the snowman bubble bars
  • 2 Cinders

I also bought The Godmother soap to try for $5.95. My total came to $29.75 after my discount of $4.46 (15% off coupon from my Stardust gift set). After shipping costs, my total came to $36.70 for all of this stuff! Such a great deal. My order has not arrived yet but once it does I'll post about it.

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