Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today I won an auction for a new, sealed peice of Alkmarr soap. The price on the soap is $16.17 and I paid $9 + $2 shipping!!! Yay :) In another auction, I won the 3.5 oz. size of ring around the roses buttercream and 3.5 oz. of Rockstar soap. I got them both together for $10.25 including shipping...if I bought them off the UK site I would have paid $10 but had to pay the pricey shipping. If I got them off the USA site it would have cost me $15.90 plus shipping. Very excited to try out these items, I've heard a lot of good things about them!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My 1st online Lush purchase

The Lush USA site had a promotion were if you bought a holiday item, you get two for free. This promotion went quickly and they barely had anything left. Randomly, I checked the site again and they had added a few more items.

Items I paid for:
  • Secret Santa gift set (includes Satsumo Santa bath bomb and the star shaped Snowcake soap) $9.95
  • 2 Cinders bath bomb $3.95
  • Green Green bath of foam bubble bar $5.95
Free items:
  • 2 Secret Santa gift sets
  • 2 lil lush pud bath bombs
  • 2 Frothy the snowman bubble bars
  • 2 Cinders

I also bought The Godmother soap to try for $5.95. My total came to $29.75 after my discount of $4.46 (15% off coupon from my Stardust gift set). After shipping costs, my total came to $36.70 for all of this stuff! Such a great deal. My order has not arrived yet but once it does I'll post about it.

Review: Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

First of all, for those of you who do not know how to use a shower jelly, you can use it a few different ways. You can lather it up in your hands (kind of tricky I think, it's very slippery), use a loofah or use exfoliating gloves. This shower jelly smells very berry to me. The site says it's a blackcurrant smell or a cherry soda smell. The jelly base is made up of seaweed and has little specks of glitter in it. The glitter doesn't stick to your skin. This item give you a lot of value for your money. You only have to use a small amount to get a nice rich lather, especially if using a loofah. For the loofah, you basically take a small piece and crush it into it. It takes a minute but the lather will really start to appear. This shower jelly is $13 on the site for a 7 ounce piece. It can be stored out of the fridge, in the fridge or in the freezer. I've heard that during the summer a lot of people store in the freezer so there is a cooling effect in the shower. A tip is to take out the chunk of shower jelly before getting in the shower so that you don't get the whole product wet. Getting the whole product wet can lead to bacteria growth...not a good thing.

Smells like: You Snap the Whip

Review: Porridge Soap

I paid $10.45 for my chunk of Porridge but online they sell them for $5.95 (3.5 oz). This soap is one of their least expensive ones. The smell is very strong at first, I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. But after trying it out a few times, I fell in love with the scent. It' s a sweet smell that reminds you of something you would eat for breakfast. There are real oats in the soap that are great for a mild scrub. The smell only lingers for a little while but I like to use a cocoa butter based lotion after using the soap and the smell combination is great! It seems to last a little longer when I do this. Porridge soap is more oats then soap I think! But that's okay. The more you use the soap, the more oats appear. This one is definitely worth the money!

Storage: I sliced my bar into 9 smaller slices and put them all together in an air tight container. I used the 3 different-sized set of containers from the Target $1 Spot. One usually lasts me 4-6 showers.

My 1st in-store Lush experience

I stumbled onto some Lush videos and became very interested. I really wanted to try these products that everyone was raving about. So I located a Lush near me and decided to go. My Lush store had two promotions going on...the first was a free gift with a donation of new/used clothing for Haiti. The second one was a free Christmas gift set with a purchase of $5o or more. I took advantage of both promotions that day. Here is what I got:

For my donation, I received samples of Karma soap, Helping Hands hand cream, and Charity Pot lotion. The samples I received were pretty small but I noticed that a little goes a long way with the hand cream. I caught my store off guard with my donation because they didn't think anyone knew about it and they did not have a gift set aside for it. Now, they are offering a free fresh face mask! :( makes me sad...

For my $50 purchase:
  • butterball and sex bomb bath bombs
  • a nice size chunk of porridge soap
  • shimmy shimmy massage bar
  • sweetie pie shower jelly
  • new shampoo bar

my total came to $47 before tax, $50.83 after tax. I thought it was cool that I did not have to spend $50 before tax like most places do.

My FREE Christmas gift set (worth $50) included:

  • the gold star shape chunk of angel's delight soap
  • star melt bath melt
  • candy cane bubble bar
  • 3.3 oz bottle of snow fairy shower gel
  • snow fairy solid perfume
  • double fast luck emotibomb
  • fairy tail sugar scrub

I am going to review each of these items as I use them!