Saturday, February 6, 2010

My boxing day sale haul

I got 3 Secret Santa gift sets, the first picture shows what was inside but I forgot to add the 15% off coupon that came with it. Each Secret Santa gift set had a Satsumo Santa bath bomb and star shaped Snowcake soap in it.
Bubble bars: 2 Frothy the Snowman's, they smell like coconut!!! and 1 Green Green Bath of Foam.
Bath bombs: 4 Cinders (they supposedly crackle in the bath water), I was only planning on ordering the 1 to get 2 free but I wanted an extra to give to the little girl I babysit for when she gets her tonsils taken out...and I also got 2 lil Lush puds (these smell very spicy).
Samples: Gingerman and Banana Moon soaps.
Soap: The Godmother.
Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase but I wish I had ordered more. I was afraid I wouldn't like them so I didn't but so far I love the scents but I'm not sure how I'll like them in the bath yet, haven't tried them. It seems like with Lush stuff, I'm not sure about the smells but then they grow on me and I eventually love them!

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  1. The Cinders bath bombs do crackle like fire in the bath there so cool by far my favourite Christmas product I want them to come back =( your so lucky in London they sold out of all the Chrismas products on boxing day =( x