Monday, February 22, 2010

Lush UK Customer Service

As I wrote in my UK haul post, I was disappointed in the fact that I was not sent samples or the Lush Times. I wrote an email to the UK customer service and basically, told them that I would have liked to receive the facial/lotion samples to test out because of my sensitive skin (as I explained in the comments section when I ordered). I also told them that I was not sent the Lush Times (I also asked for this in the comments section as well) and I thought I would at least get even if I didn't get samples. I explained that I know as customers we are not entitled to samples but that I think samples of facial products are very important because of how each product will react differently depending on skin types. The lady who responded was amazingly nice and said that she was sorry for the mix up. She then said to send her a list of the items I would like to sample and she would send the samples and the Lush Times to me for no charge! How awesome is that??? Lush UK seems to be the way to go when ordering online!! I'm so happy about this!

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